Microwave Cleaning

There is no doubt about it that, over time, it is possible for microwaves to become grimy with cooked in food and grease. Whether used regularly or only once in a while for a reheat, it is worthwhile getting your microwave deep cleaned every now and then.

You can cast aside your cleaning gloves

If you find cleaning your microwave a hassle, then do not worry. You can cast aside your cleaning gloves, as you don’t need to worry about cleaning your microwave any longer! At Ovencleen, our oven cleaning specialists are fully trained to clean all kinds of appliances, microwaves included, so you can enjoy life whilst we put the elbow grease in to get the cooked-in grease out.

to get the best possible result for your kitchen

Here at OvenCleen, we have developed a series of unique deep clean products that are designed with cleaning microwave ovens in mind. Our microwave cleaning specialists have the expertise to tackle all makes/models and to get great results from all microwave oven cleans. As well as cleaning microwaves, we are able to clean combination microwave grills in order to get the best possible result for your kitchen.
Retaining your microwave’s sterling finish is imperative to ensuring it heats food to a high quality (as well as maintaining the flavour of the food). Our unique range of microwave cleaning solutions are designed to make it sparkle both inside and out! What’s more, our formula has ‘no added caustic’ and is safe to use on any surface – enamelled, chrome or stainless steel – working to protect the finish of your appliance.